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Receive Strong Trading Signals... Daily!

Providing you with accurate trading signals across all major markets to further improve your investment success ratio, the investment managers team here at SignalsXP strives to make your trading experience as convenient and profitable as possible.

In fact, by employing our trading signals into your trading strategy, your trading success rates are bound to reach up to 80% profits. To ensure that you do reach these outstanding success rates, we engineered our signals to be simple to understand and convenient to utilize.

In other words, our experienced team of investment managers works energetically to analyze and translate complex market data into a simple formula. In the end, you receive a 4 word signal (for example: JPY put 1 hour) with which all you have to do is place the recommended trade and collect your revenues. With SignalsXP you also get to invest in the markets you're most familiar with.

Because our cross-market coverage of trading signals includes all major markets, namely Forex, Indices, Commodities and Stocks, you have the freedom to choose the signals you need for the market you specialize in.

Ultimately, our goal is to amplify your trading accomplishments by delivering you professional, easy to use and accurate trading signals. You receive the signals via email or SMS, it’s up to you to decide, which allows you to use them also when trading on your smartphone and tablet.