What are Trading Signals

Signals are recommendations online traders receive in order to identify potential trades. They present traders of all major markets (commodities, indices, stocks and forex) the right asset, predetermined time period and direction for a profitable trade.

Specifically designed for the binary options trading arena, signals offer you a competitive advantage over the rest of the traders as they provide you with real-time recommendations for successful trades on a daily basis.

Although using signals is a quick and easy procedure for traders, producing signals is a complex and much demanding task, which is performed by super brokers and top-notch investment managers who combine their fundamental and technical analyses into a short and easy to understand signal format.

The signals format shows you the name of an asset, a predetermined time period and the assets direction. Here’s an example of how a signal looks like when you receive it: JPY Put 30m. The signal recommends that you invest in the Japanese Yan, in a Put option for 30 Minutes.

What makes these trading signals even more appealing is the way you receive them. Sent via email or in the form of an SMS, you can also enjoy them on your smartphone and thus never miss a promising opportunity.