Have a question? Check out our helpful FAQ

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions that have come up from our users in the past. If you cannot find an answer to your question here, please feel free to speak with our support staff via email (put here the support email) or by phone and our representatives will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

Do you have a free trial period?

Of course we do. Enjoy 2 days of free signals on us, to see for yourself just how profitable these signals can be in improving your trading.

How can I sign up?

It could not be simpler to join. All you have to do is select the time period that you would like to sign up for on our subscription page. After your payment details have been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from us letting you know that your account has been activated.

What kind of subscriptions do you offer?

Users have the option to choose between our two outstanding service packages. Click on the links to learn more about our Trading Signals and Managed Account services.

How can I close my subscription?

If you decide that you are done with making easy money, you are under no obligation to continue with our services. In order to stop receiving our top rate signals, there is no need to inform us. Your account will close automatically by you simply not renewing your subscription the following month.

Do you have long term subscription options?

We sure do. You can choose to sign up for either 1, 6, or 12 month periods.

What kind of returns am I looking at receiving?

How much you earn will always be up to how often you are willing to trade. If you want to get an idea of how past users have taken advantage of our signals in order to make profits, then check out their past performance here.

What is the frequency of your trading signals?

If only we could control the market. Since our signals depend on profitable movements in the market, we do not guarantee a specific number of signals during the day. However, based on our internal statistics, you can expect to have more than two live trades or three pending orders active at any one time.

How much leverage should I apply for my trades?

While every trader has their own level of acceptable risk that they are prepared to take to generate higher returns, we generally advise traders not to leverage more than five times their nominal trading capital.

How do the time zones work, are they related to where I live?

UTC is the universal time coordinated. In relation to traders' time zones, the hours vary. Having said that, signals are sent out typically within 1-3 minutes of the time relevant to the trade. You should be placing the trades as close to the time of receipt as possible.

Enjoy two days of free signals on us, to see for yourself just how profitable these signals can be in improving your trading.