About Us

Do you also believe that online trading can provide you with a plausible solution for generating an extra income? If you conclude, then it’s brilliant, because our team here at SignalsXP shares the same exact belief, and our service reflects on it.

SignalsXP pairs cutting edge technology with a team of successful investors to produce accurate and strong signals which help traders reach superior investment results. The technology, advanced software and hardware, which we use enables our analyst to investigate the market conditions according to diversified topics, such as: past & future activity, graph analysis, charts monitoring, and many more supplementing tools.

To your advantage, the people behind the technology are in fact the key ingredient of this technology and human power source. With an impeccable record in all major markets (Currencies, Indices, Commodities and Stocks), the investment managers team at SignalsXP is one of the sharpest and most respectful group of people in the business.

As a collective they make our Analytics Department an open-ended knowledge center, from which you receive your trading signals with unmatched accuracy rates.

All in all, our analytics department consists of 57 brokers and investment managers, who are supernaturally gifted when it comes to analyzing the financial markets, geared to supply you with laser-accurate trading signals.